Skunkwerks Kinetic was launched by the founders of Vancouver-based Skunkwerks Software in 2012, and our team of fifteen artists and engineers quickly began work on the MEG 9 project in collaboration with science fiction author, William Gibson. The initial prototype of MEG 9, MEG RVO: Battle for the Territories, was released on iPad in August 2014. It was built using an in-house, custom engine, specializing in real-time multiplayer of iOS. It was featured as “Best Update” in the App Store across several countries and also charted in the “Best Strategy Game” and “What We Are Playing” categories in various regions.

Our team is currently focusing development effort on a PC and console title, MEG 9, using the Unreal Engine. The game will feature a combination of action and strategy-based gameplay with an engaging post-apocalyptic sci-fi themed storyline developed together with William Gibson. We hope to capture a wide audience of gamers who appreciate fast-paced tactical shooting and base-building style games.

The first public demonstration of MEG 9 took place at PAX Prime in August 2015, coinciding with the start of our immensely successful Steam Greenlight campaign. We're really excited to show off everything we've been working on since, so check back soon for more on MEG 9!