Within the hostile environment of the Probability Aperture, a high-tech research complex called Horizon vanishes from the grid. In the darkness, surrounded by nano-mutated derelict bots, a lone AI triggers a distress call--

Take control of the Rig, a massive ten-ton remote-operated vehicle outfitted with the latest in military hardware, as you uncover the secrets that lie within the walls of Horizon.

MEG 9 : Lost Echoes introduces players to brand new world of tactical-action, developed in collaboration with science-fiction author William Gibson.

Key Features

Tactical Gameplay
The Rig is not indestructible: battles need to be chosen wisely, and fought intelligently. Choose an effective loadout, build defensive structures, and co-operate with robotic companion MEG to survive.


Your only ally in the Aperture, the robot dog MEG 9, is also your most valuable asset. MEG can scout the environment and tag enemies, repair and enhance deployable units, disrupt enemy movements and abilities, and hack into the various terminals in Horizon to open alternate paths and activate traps.

In-Depth Upgrade Systems
Customize and upgrade your Rig, weapons, defences, and MEG to suit your own playstyle. Prepare to face an unpredictable and relentless enemy, driven by an insatiable hunger.

Welcome to the Probability Aperture

The Probability Aperture; a dimensional disjunction generated by the multinational corporation Quantum Multiphasics: your employer. Alien technology, eerie structures and formations, and conflicting biomes are only a few of the strange phenomena that surface within the Aperture. When Horizon, one of Quantum's high-end research complexes within the Aperture vanishes from the grid, it becomes your job to uncover what went wrong, and restore the facility if possible.

The Corruption

The Aperture is home to many dangers, the deadliest of which takes the form of a synthetic parasite called Corruption. As equipment and power sources are left exposed within the Aperture, mutations begin to take place. Material is gradually taken over by Corruption and transformed into monstrous bio-mechanical creatures. Intelligent and incredibly lethal, the Corrupted pose the biggest threat to operations within the Aperture, and need to be dealt with extreme caution.

The Rig

As a freelancer working for Quantum, you will be remotely conducting operations within the Probability Aperture via the Rig, one of the most advanced military vehicles ever developed. Recent improvements have eliminated the need for pilots to physically operate the vehicle, and now all functionality can be controlled remotely, with visuals being transmitted by the Hover-POV, a small drone that follows the Rig at all times.

Loadout and Upgrades

The MEG Unit

The latest in a line of Multi-function Extraction and Gathering units, MEG is a dependable robot tasked with assisting remote operators with tasks that they are unable to perform with just the Rig. They are capable of scouting terrain and identifying dangers and useful objects, repairing and enhancing deployable units, and even disrupting enemy attacks. MEG can also interact with a wide variety of access points within Horizon, whether it be opening doors or even hacking basic machinery.

Scavenge and Deploy

Destroyed hostiles and can be salvaged for Mimetic Particles, also simply known as Parts. These tiny clusters of nanomachines can be reprogrammed and assigned to construct versatile deployable units at any time. These units, which include sentry guns, proximity mines, and energy walls, are instrumental in securing areas and holding back hordes of hostiles. Several new forms of deployables can be unlocked by pushing deeper into Horizon and uncovering new schematics.

MEG 9 is now available on Steam.